Workout of the Day

March 4, 2015

1) Deadlift
last set for max reps

2) With a partner
for 20 min
Partner A runs 400m
Partner B completes as many rounds as possible of
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats

When A gets in from the run they switch and
Partner B goes for the run while A picks up where B left off.


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March 2 – 8

The CrossFit Open is upon us! Not sure what that is, click here to read more. We encourage everyone to sign up. Ask a coach if you have questions. The workouts will be done each Friday. You have until Mondayat 7pm to sign up, do the workout and submit your score.

Sign up for the Open now!

Are you kind-of interested in a competition but still a little unsure? What if there was one for beginners in the gym you workout in everyday? Check out the Festivus Games coming to CFA!



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Raw Power and the new cycle
Raw Power and the new cycle by Tim Cormier   The next cycle will focus on an increase in overall raw power which will be measured in the Back Squat, [...]

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